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How an Explosive Detection Agency Eliminated Overtime with Scoro

Bombs Away is an independent UXO (unexploded ordnance, explosives) consultancy from the Netherlands. The company provides historical research services for governmental institutions and construction companies worldwide and helps to neutralize areas that might contain bombs still in the ground after World War 2.

Bombs Away needed a better way to manage time and projects

Five years ago, Bombs Away had all their data scattered across spreadsheets – they had no system for managing projects, tracking time and money, or analyzing results.

“Before implementing Scoro, we had no understanding of how we spent our time and money. We had no processes in place, which meant people were often overwhelmed and working overtime.” – Tycho Derks, Project Manager

Bombs Away started looking for a web-based solution that would gather all their work into one system, and as a result, help them

  • eliminate overtime;
  • consolidate data;
  • improve efficiency.

After a comprehensive review of software such as Asana, Wrike & Fruux, Bombs Away identified Scoro as the best solution. “Other tools lacked important features,” said Tycho Derks, Bombs Away Project Manager. “Scoro was the only solution which ticked all our boxes.”

Bombs Away improves every aspect of business with Scoro

Bombs Away has seen the benefits of using Scoro in every aspect of their business. By implementing a comprehensive work management solution, they established a more efficient way to manage work, track time and money, and improve work-life balance across the company.

Consolidation of data lead to successful ISO 9001 implementation

With work gathered into one place, Bombs Away can ensure nothing slips through the cracks, and everyone has access to the same information.

This kind of data consolidation turned out to be crucial during ISO 9001 implementation (the international standard for a quality management system) last year, which meant working closely with the auditors and going through all their data.

“I cannot imagine going through ISO 9001 implementation without Scoro – instead of shuffling through endless email threads and spreadsheets, we had the necessary data available in Scoro.” – Tycho Derks

Accurate time tracking enabled Bombs Away to eliminate unplanned overtime 100%

With the help of Scoro, Bombs Away has found a way to manage time more accurately. They have a clear overview of how much time they are spending on different projects and can therefore allocate time more accurately.

This kind of change has enabled Bombs Away to eliminate unplanned overtime and, as a result, improve work-life balance for everyone in the company.

“Scoro has enabled us to take our companies time-tracking on the next level – we’ve improved our time management 100% and as a result eliminate unplanned overtime.” – Tycho Derks

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