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Company & reporting dashboard that gives a detailed overview of sales, budgets, projects and much more.

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company dashboard
You have no overview of your business?

Are you tired of checking emails and spreadsheets to evaluate your business performance? Want to know how many invoices and quotes have been sent this week and if your team's on track for this month’s goals?

Scoro's reporting dashboard displays all your important KPIs, metrics, and charts for detailed information on each vital business process in just a few clicks.

reporting dashboard
Track everything on one page

Use metrics to see the sum of this month's expenses, sent invoices, and the monthly recurring revenue.

Widgets display lists of upcoming tasks, important contacts, proposals, contracts, invoices, expenses, and much more.

Monitor charts to see reports on your monthly revenue growth, sales performance, and the total time spent on various projects and tasks.

reporting dashboard
More than just a KPI dashboard

All metrics and graphs are 100% configurable and can be based on any filterable lists in Scoro.

Integrate Scoro with your other tools to display all important data on executive meetings.

Use Scoro's CRM & ERP tools to manage your tasks, calendar, projects, sales, budgets, etc. and get reporting on every single project detail.

  • Reporting & Dashboard

    Get a complete overview of your company
    Create dashboards with graphs and KPIs
    See reports on finances, work, etc.
    Filter your data in countless ways

  • Control & Management

    Manage all projects in one place
    Store all relevant data in one system
    Integrate all your currently used tools
    Access all your data anytime & anywhere

  • Time & Projects

    Align everyone’s calendars and tasks
    Share & access files whenever you need
    Manage tasks & track their completion
    Keep your business organized

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