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Real-time dashboard to track important KPIs, metrics, and see automated reports.

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company Dashboard

Do you have an overview of your company?

Real-time sales results

How is the growth this month? Who's selling the most? Get real-time answers to all your sales questions.

Everyone on the same page

Who's is working on what? Is someone overbooked? See how your team is doing on one page.

Accurate financials

What are the budgeted vs actuals results? Who's in the list of debtors? See all your KPIs in real time.

More than just a
KPI dashboard.

Manage and track your tasks, calendar, projects, sales, budgets, etc. and get insightful reports on every aspect of your company.

Empowering 10,000+ users
in 30 countries.

Scoro's company dashboard gives you a real-time overview of each part of your business.

Thanks to that, you don't need to shuffle between five different tools and spreadsheets to get an overview of your company's finances, work, and clients.

This saves you more than 50% of the time that you're currently spending on reporting, meetings, and double data entry.

Scoro has effectively ‘joined up’ all the aspects of our business: customers, projects, estimates, and invoices. We’ve done away with spreadsheets.

Lisa Avenell
Forensic Access


Scoro pushes and pulls your information to and from different apps,
so you’re finally in charge of the whole workflow.

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