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Task management, work tracking, CRM, and billing – all in one solution.

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Manage every aspect of your work

Plan & delegate

Bring structure to complex projects. Create projects, manage tasks, and track the time worked.

Collaborate & deliver

Manage your contact base, collaborate with your team and clients, and share everything from comments to files.

Bill & report

Log your time and bill for completed work in a few clicks. No timesheets or emails involved.

Bring structure to your work!

Manage your projects, contacts, quotes, and billing in one place, and find information more quickly.
work management software
Plan and use your time more efficiently.

  • Create, manage, and track an unlimited number of projects.
  • Divide your work into tasks and subtasks.
  • Set priorities and deadlines to organize your work.
  • Schedule meetings and plan tasks hour-by-hour.
  • Review projects with ease in a 360-degree project view. See your scheduled tasks and meetings, time spent and billed, related invoices and expenses, and files.
work management software
Compile and send quotes & invoices.

  • Get paid for every minute worked by logging both actual and billable time spent on tasks, projects, and meetings.
  • Create invoices based on your quotes and work reports.
  • Compile and send invoices based on your work reports and stop shuffling between timesheets.
  • Send invoices in a few clicks with pre-designed templates; and issue sales, prepayment and credit invoices.
  • Manage your company-wide contact base for effective communication and billing.
work and project management software
Get a real-time overview of your team's work

  • Add your key metrics and information to a KPI dashboard for a one-click overview of your teamwork.
  • See work reports that you can customize by dates, users, projects or accounts.
  • Track project progress and oversee your scheduled and completed tasks.
  • View real-time financial reports on sales, quotes, orders and compare two periods to see trends over time.

Empowering 10,000+ users in 30 countries.

Scoro helps to manage every aspect of your work – projects and tasks, but also clients and billing.

By using Scoro, you no longer need to switch between five different tools, tens of spreadsheets and emails.

Save up to 55% of the time you're currently spending on communication, meetings, and searching for information.

Scoro has effectively ‘joined up’ all the aspects of our business: customers, projects, estimates, and invoices. We’ve done away with spreadsheets.

Dan Stevens
Primary UK


Scoro pushes and pulls your information to and from different apps,
so you’re finally in charge of the whole workflow.

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