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What's new in Scoro

In addition to multiple kick-ass features, we’ve improved a lot on how Scoro looks and feels. Below is only brief overview of our updates.

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Everything you need to know on one page

Subtler colors, fonts and layouts all make Scoro not just more beautiful but also easier to use. The dashboard is a true control hub of your entire company, showing everything you need to know and do about your company in a single click. You now also add graphs and metrics to your dashboard to get instant visual overview of your key performance indicators.

How are you doing compared to last month or against your goals?

We can help you answer that question. Now you can compare two periods to see trends over time. Red and green arrows show you instantly the direction you are going. Moreover, add a benchmark to the metric, choose if it’s a goal or a crisis point and monitor your performance easily on the dashboard.

Integrate your favourite tools to Scoro

It’s now even easier to integrate your existing software applications to Scoro be it calendar or file sharing apps, accounting software, your FTP server - you name it. This way your team’s calendars and task lists are aligned and you get a real 360 degree overview of a customer and a project on one page.

E-mail meeting times to the client

No need to send emails back and forth when trying to find a meeting time that suits everyone. Just pick the available time slots and an email will be sent to the client. The client can then pick the most suitable time straight from the email and it will be automatically added to your and the client’s calendar.

Access all reports faster

All your bookmarked reports are now accessible from the reports main page. You can now get a summary work report on activities that have been scheduled in the future. Moreover, you can also filter the work summary report by billable time and the margin report by products.

And there's more...

In addition to the above you can merge duplicate contacts, use batch commands for various list views and link events with anything. Moreover, the PDF templates are much smarter and easier to manage and the add and modify view of contacts, tasks and calendar events has been fully revamped.

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