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team calendar
Manage. Share. Collaborate.

Schedule events, book resources and send meeting invitations – manage your team’s time more efficiently.

Enhance collaboration with a shared team calendar so that everyone’s aware of upcoming events. Drag and drop calendar events to quickly re-schedule.

Everyone’s calendar events are compiled into thorough work reports that you can break down by team member, client, project, and activity.

work planning
Bring structure to your work planning

See how many hours and tasks have been booked for each team member. Get insight where to fit team members in next steps of a project.

Set realistic deadlines and avoiding overbooking people. If one team member finishes his task faster, notice it and assign him further responsibilities.

shared team calendar
More than just a team calendar

Synchronize Scoro with iCal, Outlook, Google and other calendar tools to have everyone's schedules aligned.

Get a team dashboard with all your important KPIs and reports. Have an instant overview of your team’s performance, completed work, and upcoming events.

Use Scoro’s comprehensive software to manage your tasks, calendar, projects, schedule, customers, and budgets – all in one system for highly integrated teamwork.

  • Time & Projects

    Schedule meetings in a few clicks
    Get your team's tasks & calendars aligned
    Get a full overview of scheduled events
    Manage projects and customer data

  • Reporting & Dashboard

    Get detailed work and project reports
    Compare actual results to benchmarks
    Get a dashboard with graphs and KPIs to
    evaluate your team's work performance

  • Control & Management

    Manage time, projects & CRM in one system
    Collaborate with your team and share files
    Integrate all your currently used tools
    Access your data anytime and anywhere

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