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Task Management Software

Manage your to-do lists, assign tasks, and get real-time updates on your projects —
anytime, anywhere.

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task management software

Take your projects from start to finish

Task Management

Create tasks for yourself or assign these to a teammate. Keep your tasks organized by project, deadline, or priority.

Tracking & Reporting

Follow the progress of each task and project on a customizable real-time dashboard.


Communicate with your team directly on a task, to clarify what needs to be done and to keep the momentum going.

Improve your productivity -
one task at a time!

Manage and share tasks, schedules, files, comments, reports - and keep everyone up-to-date.
task management software
Plan and use your time more efficiently.

  • Create, manage, and track an unlimited number of projects.
  • Break up tasks into smaller parts, or divide the work among multiple people.
  • Set priorities and deadlines to organize your work.
  • Schedule meetings and plan tasks hour-by-hour.
  • Comment on joint tasks, and share files with your team.
task management software
Get a real-time overview of your work.

  • Track project progress, and oversee your scheduled and completed tasks.
  • Log the time spend on tasks or projects, and see work reports that you can customize by projects, dates, users, or accounts.
  • All completed tasks will be automatically included in your work report.
  • Add your key metrics and information to a KPI dashboard for a one-click overview of your teamwork.

Empowering 10,000+ users in 30 countries.

Start managing your tasks in Scoro, and stop switching between different tools, spreadsheets, and emails.

This way, you'll save up to 55% of the time you're currently spending on meetings, communication, or searching for lost information.

Moreover, all your work will be organized and tracked in a simple time management system, giving you more control over your work results.

Scoro has helped us to increase our team's overall efficiency by 20%.

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Scoro pushes and pulls your information to and from different apps,
so you’re finally in charge of the whole workflow.

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