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We have been working hard to enhance your time management and productivity with the brand new planning mode and task board. Among other updates, QuickBooks and Xero now sync with Scoro.

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Scoro Taskboard
Task board - manage your tasks in a pipeline view
  • Get a visual overview of all tasks, sorted by priority, projects, clients, users etc. This way, you can see how many tasks are planned for each project, user etc.
  • Tasks are aligned in distinct columns, not just in a list form. This makes navigation between various task types quicker.
  • Drag and drop tasks between the columns to quickly change their category, priority etc.
  • Categorise all your tasks and later distinguish them by chosen markers.
  • Instantly see how many tasks everybody has and assign further tasks accordingly.
Scoro Planning Mode
Manage your team’s time like a pro
  • Instantly see when someone is stuck on a difficult task or if one team member finishes their tasks before others and needs to be assigned a new job.
  • Get an overview of how many hours and tasks have been booked for each team member.
  • Instantly see what jobs are unassigned and who is free to implement them.
  • Set realistic deadlines and avoid overbooking people.
  • Make your teamwork much more effective.
  • Interested in the planning mode? Let us know at
  • To learn more about planning mode, check out this video.
Scoro Time Entries
Time entries

Welcome, Time Lords! We've split time. Actually, we created time entries for tasks. This means you can:

  • Create a 3 hour task and every time someone marks a portion of that task as done, a new time entry is added.
  • Subtract the time spent from the remaining time scheduled for a task and see how much hours you have left to implement the task in a planned time frame.
  • Get a detailed overview of who participated in executing a task and how long it took them to finish it.
Another awesome thing about time entries is that you don't need to create a new task every single time you do the same thing – you now have the ability to add time entries under the same task that you work on frequently. Get cracking!

Scoro Activity Based Invoicing
Activity based invoicing

We finished the job, now please pay us – simple. It is now possible to invoice based on activities. Activity types can be linked with products and each user can set his own specific price, making accounting super easy. What it all comes down to is that if you want to invoice, for example, based on time spent on a project or a certain type of activity, you can do so in a single click. Activity based invoicing can save you literally hours every month. Easy as that!

Quickbooks Integration
Quickbooks and Xero integration

We have built integrations with two of the most popular accounting software applications in the world - QuickBooks and Xero. All contacts, invoices and products are synchronised in both directions. This way, all financial data about your customers and projects is always accessible in Scoro and there's no need to click between different software. As we say – Less Clicks, More Insight!

Smaller updates
  • Bring more colour to your life. And into projects. Add colours to projects in order to make the most important tasks and projects stick out from the rest. This is very useful in the planning mode view.
  • A collective credit note - select one or more invoices and issue one credit note with a click.
  • When compiling quotes, order, expenses and invoices you can choose from several client addresses. One could be the billing address the other the office address.
  • The first day of the week can now also be set as Saturday. If you must start your week at all...
  • User based budgets have been upgraded. You can now add user specific budgets to the dashboard and instantly see how far everyone is from their target.
  • We've also added default amounts, additional amounts and comments to projects.
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