Scoro sales vocabulary


We’re really not for startup/business/tech jargon, but there are some terms you’re probably going to hear a lot around the office, during discussions at meetings, and see in your emails.

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Marketing Qualified Leads. Leads that have 6+ users and regionally operate within the Key, Secondary or Other markets defined in the tiers system.


Sales Qualified Leads. These are leads that have been qualified in communication – they have a defined need, timeline & have exhibited an interest in hearing more about Scoro software.


Key Target Account. KTA leads are 50+ seat leads, that have had a demo and are land & expand opportunities.


Rest of the world region.


Small & medium-size businesses. These are all contacts who have 50 users or less.



Churn rate

The rate at which our customers are cancelling their Scoro subscriptions. The higher the churn rate the more we have to work to grow our monthly recurring revenue (MRR). Our churn rate is around 1,5% per month, which is a very good result in a SaaS business.

MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue)

The subscription fee our customers are paying us each month for using Scoro. Basically, once we sign a new customer, this customer starts bringing us recurring revenue for each month. It is the most important goal for every team to make sure (directly and indirectly) that the MRR amount is growing each month.


“Proof of Concept” stage in our customer journey, where the Scoro solution is proven to technically work for the customer and meet customer’s needs.

Sales pipeline

A visual representation of a sales process where all potential customers are displayed and neatly arranged according to their phase in the sales cycle.