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Important security information


  • Scoro uses Amazon Web Services as our trusted hosting partner. Scoro backups sites’ database and files daily. Scoro tests the process of restoring backups weekly. We validate the files’ integrity and run regression tests.
  • For credit-card based and other e-commerce transactions executed through Scoro, the transaction security is being assured by Scoro’s trusted partner Adyen. Scoro does not store any information regarding customer’s credit cards except expiration date and last four digits of the credit card to show to the customer what card is being used.
  • Take time to familiarize yourself with the Security setting for Scoro sites. 2-step verification should be turned on where possible. Consider setting up an expiry period for user password and user session.
  • If a partner creates a new Scoro trial site on behalf of their customer, it is important that the Partner notifies Scoro before the client has signed in the site for the first time. We have to make sure that the client confirms Scoro’s Terms of Use. A Terms of Use acceptance pop-up is generated when a new site is created. You can find the full overview of Scoro security principles here. There is a more sharing-friendly version of the document available as a whitepaper here.
  • Each platform you use should have a different password. If you forget your password, we recommend using password safe programs such as 1Password, KeePass or LastPass.
  • If you need to send anyone access credentials, then if possible, use different channels. For example, if you send a password through Slack, send the username/ other information via email.
  • Keep an eye out for scams and phising emails. Some typical signs of scams are grammar or  random sender addresses. If a message looks suspicious, delete it without opening any attachments or links. It is not always easy to identify fake emails and everyone could become a victim scams and viruses – sometimes even experienced computer people.