MS Exchange incident report

As an MS Exchange user, you may have noticed some difficulties with Scoro’s integration lately. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Also, we’d like to assure you that we’ve been working actively to solve these concerns and make sure the integration between Scoro and MS Exchange will work seamlessly in the future.

Duplicate time entries under Planner

Some users have experienced duplicate time entries under their Planner, caused by an internal bug in development. The bug causing the issue was solved within version 20.6. If any duplicate data is still present, it will be automatically removed with the 21.1 version launch.

Duplicate events created for (external) users with no active integration

When an event is created and later updated by a Scoro user who doesn’t have an active integration, it creates a duplicate in Exchange for participants who don’t have active sync or are external users. This will be improved with version 21.1.

If the event organizer does not have an active integration, the modifications made for the particular event won’t be synced back. Such users will be notified accordingly during the event update process.

Duplicate calendar events

The issue affects only calendar events that were synced prior to version 20.6, have in the meanwhile been updated in Scoro and are scheduled to be resynced.
Depending on how many participants have the MS Exchange two-way sync enabled in Scoro, this may create multiple duplicate event entries in both MS Exchange and Scoro.

For example, this may affect recurring events created before version 20.6 was released. If such an event is modified and scheduled then for a resync, it will create a duplicate.

Unfortunately, we are not able to avoid duplication. However, in such instances, we recommend deleting old events first, then creating a new one as a replacement.