All the features you need

Work & Collaboration

Personal & shared calendar

Add and view events in your own and your team members’ calendars. Link events to projects and customers for a holistic overview of your activities.


Create and plan tasks for yourself and your team. Log time entries under each task and get a visual overview of task progress.

Unassigned tasks

Add unassigned tasks to assign them later or allow team members to choose tasks themselves.

Task matrix

Manage tasks and visualize progress in a grid view by adding rows to the task board. Track project deliverables, company goals, team initiatives, and much more.

Project management

Oversee every aspect of 
your projects and their progress, including time spent, planned tasks and meetings, invoices, expenses, comments and files.

Contacts & customers

Manage and organize your contact database to keep track of your leads, clients, and competitors. Get a complete overview of
each contact.

Track non-billable time

Track non-billable hours and activities for a complete overview of what your team’s time is going towards.

Timesheet view

Manage and get an
overview of your time-use
in a straightforward grid view. Quickly add or modify time spent on tasks during any given week.

Time locking

Team members can submit their time logged for the work week when they’re finished with the assignments. The supervisor can then review and lock this period, so no more changes can be made to it. This way, when creating financial documents and reports, but also billing your customers based on the time logged, the data is always accurate.

Calendar invites

Send out email invites to contacts and let them pick the most suitable time for a meeting based on available time slots in your calendar.

Resource planning

Add company resources, such as meeting rooms, cars, and equipment, and link them with calendar events to avoid double-booking.

Time tracker

Track time spent on any task and automatically add tracked time as time entries in Scoro.

Create project from quote

Tooltip TBC

Create tasks from quotes

Turn the services or products on a quote into tasks for you and your team in just a few clicks.

Modify responsible user

Modify the responsible user for any task.

Task to multiple users

Assign bigger tasks to multiple team members, under which all assignees can jointly log their time. Track their progress in the list and/or detailed task view.

Task board

Visually group, filter, and manage tasks in a Kanban-like drag-and-drop board view.


Get a visual overview of each team member’s availability and schedule unassigned tasks accordingly.

Activity confirmation

Confirm team members’ calendar events, tasks, and time entries before their activities are billed for.

Phases & milestones

Plan and track project progress by defining phases. Add tasks and events that need to be finished during each phase. Set milestones to have clear goals and targets along the way.

Recurring tasks

Schedule tasks that recur weekly or monthly to automatically add them to your task list instead of creating them manually.

Task bundles

Create sets of tasks to be completed with each new project or customer. Set a default duration, deadline, or activity type for each task.

Project timeline

Visualize your project portfolio in a timeline view.

Project templates

Instead of creating a project from scratch every time, use a template to automatically define the project name, customer, task bundle, start date, deadline, estimated duration, project members, budget, and/or custom field values.

Quoted vs Actual table

Compare which products or services were quoted to the customer and which of those have been delivered and/or billed. Keep track of all project-related activities and their progress, billings and income, cost, profit and cashflow – all in one view.

Advanced project management

Use project-based price lists and budgets, compare estimations to actual results with the help of Quoted vs Actual table, use automated quote statuses and see project profit calculations.

Sales & Finance


Create fully customizable quotes and send them as PDF files in just a few clicks. Keep track of all quotes in a list view.”


Add and keep track of your purchases and costs.


In addition to purchases, effortlessly manage different work-related expenses in Scoro and reimburse them with a couple of clicks.

Invoices & receipts

Create fully customizable invoices from scratch or based on quotes, orders, or work reports (requires work-time billing).


Create and send out prepayment invoices. Use prepayment invoices to mark invoices as paid and keep track of each contact’s prepayment balance.


Log billable time spent on tasks and meetings, and invoice your clients based
on automatically generated work reports in just a
few clicks.


Visually manage quotes and get an overview of your sales funnel. Drag and drop deals as they move from one stage to the next.


Differentiate and automatically set the tax rate, discount, due date, overdue interest, currency, payment terms, price list, and/or language based.


Add and keep track of your suppliers and separate them from the rest of your contact base.

In-house and outsourced services

Easily differentiate which services on a sales document are done in-house and which are outsourced.


Create and send out purchase orders. Keep track of when and which products or services you have ordered, and from which suppliers.


Instead of creating similar or frequently compiled quotes from scratch each time, create standard quotes to predefine the client, project, products, services, tax, and/or discount.

Accounting objects

Define income and expense objects based on products, projects or departments.

Customer database statistics

Use customizable list views and contact overview graphs to get insights about your customer base.

Labor cost calculations

Define the hourly rates of your employees to get automatic labor cost calculations in client and project views and in reports.

Sales margin

Calculate profit in advance by defining both selling price and cost for your products or services. Get an overview of your sales margin on every line and for each individual quote, invoice and/or order.


Compile and send orders as confirmation of sales deals to your suppliers and clients. In addition, use order PDF-templates to create and send out contracts.


Automatically calculate and adjust the selling price based on the buying price for each individual product or service when compiling sales documents.

Product add-ons

Divide your product base into groups to easily sort products and services when creating sales documents. Compile reports based on product groups. Add pictures to your products to display them when compiling or sending out sales documents. Link products to automatically add multiple products or services to a sales document.

Partial invoicing

Invoice the customer for some of the quoted jobs or a certain percentage of done services as soon as they’re ready. Bill for the rest of the work when the project is finished.

Multiple currencies

Define different currencies for each client profile and/or price list, as well as for individual sales or finance documents alongside your site’s base currency.

Dates on invoice lines

Add dates to invoice lines to automatically distribute the cost of a product or service across a certain time period and get accurate reports.

Price lists

Set up several price lists to automate pricing for customers based on their currency or client profile.

Kickback calculation

Calculate and get an overview of commissions to be paid in exchange for services rendered by your business partners.

Late invoice reminders

Set up automatic reminder emails for invoices with nearing or overdue due dates. Create different reminder profiles and email templates and link them with contacts. Define when and how often the reminders are sent.

Commission calculator

Calculate individual bonuses for your employees based on issued invoices, invoice receipts, or quotes.

Budgets & forecasts

Compile budgets based on invoices and scheduled invoices, expenses and scheduled expenses, margin, quotes, or orders. Compare budgeted data with real-time results and get a clear overview of budget allocation.

Media booking features

Get a real-time overview of sold and booked media. Filter past and future revenue by users, clients, media platforms, and product groups.

General & Reporting


Create and customize dashboards to get an overview of your business. Track the actionable items, metrics, and results.

widgets & metrics

Create result metrics, ratio metrics and charts to track any KPIs directly on your dashboard. Add widgets to keep track of actionable item.


Grant customers access to your Scoro site to collaborate on projects, allow them to review quotes and other sales documents, get feedback on assignments.


Upload and keep all your files in relevant project, task, event or contact views.


Share internal information, guides, materials and media with your team.”


Define module-based access rights for different user roles.

Mandatory &
unique fields

Ensure all necessary data is always added to whichever new item in Scoro. Avoid duplicated information by defining fields which must have unique values.

Saved filtered

Filter any list view or report according to your needs, 
and save it as a bookmark or default view for quick access.

Custom views

Customize and filter any list according to your needs to create hundreds of custom views.

Dashboard library

Choose preset dashboards, widgets and metrics from the dashboard library to quickly get an overview of the most important aspects of your business.

Smart inbox for tasks

Forward any email to your Smart Inbox to automatically create a relevant task in Scoro.

Custom tags

Create custom tags to make identifying and filtering contacts, projects, products and files easier. Divide tags into groups for even more detailed management of data.

<h3>Formula metrics [Coming soon] </h3>
Create formula-based metrics to be displayed on your dashboard.

Tag groups

Organize tags in groups to easily filter and get reports based on multiple tags.

Custom fields

Create custom fields for any module to match Scoro to your workflows. Define the format of each custom field, including text, dropdown, checkbox, drop-down list, and relation fields. Display custom fields on PDFs and/or use them to filter and group relevant information across various reports and views.


Keep track of various bookmarked views in Scoro by setting up automatic notifications for whenever certain conditions are met.

PDF templates

Customize PDF templates to deliver sales documents to your customers that match your desired look and feel.

Custom statuses per module

Manage your workflow using custom statuses and/or stages for sales documents, tasks, projects, calendar events, and orders.

Additional company accounts

Manage multiple companies using one Scoro site.

Summary work report

Get an overview of the time logged by your team during a specific time period and see which projects, activities, contacts, and resources they have spent the most time on.

Detailed work reports

Get detailed work reports based on all events, tasks, and time entries that have been scheduled and/or marked as done during a selected time period. Group and filter the reports in thousands of ways to get thorough insights into any aspect of your team’s work.

Utilization report

Get an overview of how much of your team members’ time has been utilized, planned, overbooked, or left unscheduled.

Detailed financial reports

Get detailed financial reports based on invoices, receipts, bills, purchase orders, quotes, or orders. Group and filter the reports in thousands of ways to get thorough insights into any aspect of your finances.

Pipeline report

Forecast future sales in different pipeline stages based on closing probability rates and estimated closing dates.

Sales success report

Get an overview of all successful quotes and orders alongside invoices and scheduled invoices issued during a chosen time period.

Sales activity report

Get an overview of all activities conducted with clients alongside quotes and orders issued during a chosen time period. Filter the report by activity types and/or users.

Margin report

Get an overview of your margin based on invoices or receipts in a specific time period. Filter the report by user, client, project, and/or accounting objects.

Accounting object report

Get an overview of product, project or department related expenses and income.

Supplier report

Get an overview of your expenses broken down by suppliers. Filter the report by suppliers, dates, projects and sales documents.

WIP report

Get an overview of yet-to-be-charged billable time and project-related costs for ongoing projects.

Multi-account reporting

Tooltip TBC

Double grouping in reports/h3>
Double group information in detailed work and finance reports to get the exact overview and breakdown you need of your team’s work, projects, sales and finances during a certain time period.

Compare periods in reports/h3>
Compare results across two time periods in detailed work and finance reports to see if your team is meeting their goals, working productively, efficiently managing projects, and much more.


Google calendar

Connect your Scoro calendar with Google Calendar to access your events in both applications.

Apple calendar

Connect your Scoro calendar with Apple Calendar to access your events in both applications.


Connect your Scoro calendar with Outlook to access your events in both applications.


Automatically sync files
linked with clients and projects in Scoro to appropriate folders
in Dropbox.

Google Drive

Automatically sync files linked with clients and projects in Scoro to appropriate folders on Google Drive.

Zapier integration

Use Zaps to organize and automate your workflow by connecting Scoro with thousands of apps via Zapier.

MS Exchange

Connect your Scoro
calendar with MS Exchange to access your events in
both applications.

FTP integration

Store and access files linked to projects and clients in Scoro on your own server.

QuickBooks integration

Compile invoices in just a few clicks using Scoro and automatically sync them to QuickBooks. Use the two-way integration to keep contacts, invoices, payments, and expenses up-to-date in either Scoro or QuickBooks.

Xero integration

Compile invoices in just a few clicks using Scoro and automatically sync them to Xero. Use the two-way integration to keep contacts, invoices, payments, and expenses up-to-date in either Scoro or Xero.

MailChimp integration

Sync filtered contact lists in Scoro as mailing lists in MailChimp.


Build limitless integrations with almost any software solution using Scoro’s API.