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Business Intelligence Software
The age of spreadsheets is over. Your business deserves an upgrade.

Track your work, customer acquisition, budgets, and resources – all in one solution.

With Scoro BI software, you can monitor all your key metrics and KPIs on an actionable dashboard, and get a real-time overview of the data at your fingertips to make informed decisions.

Financial Analysis Report
Track and manage all your data in one place.

Discover the trends that impact business outcomes — and forecast future performance.

Use accounting dimensions and real-time sales margin estimations for advanced reporting.

Integrate Scoro with popular tools to create a seamless flow of data and manage everything in one system.

Scoro Financial Analysis Report
Assess the status of tasks, resources, and team productivity in real-time.

The collaborative system lets you manage tasks, projects, sales, budget, etc. for detailed reporting.

Add key work performance metrics to your team dashboard to instantly compare against set benchmarks and take action when needed.

  • Financial reporting

    View financial reports in real-time
    Discover trends by comparing periods
    Compare budgets to real outcomes

  • Dashboard

    Track all your important metrics and KPIs
    Create collaborative dashboards
    for an instant overview of the results

  • Management

    Manage all processes in one system
    Collaborate with your team & share files
    Integrate all your currently used tools

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