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WorkflowMax is Retiring. Time to Upgrade to Scoro

The news that Xero will be retiring their work-management software product WorkflowMax has caused some panic amongst its users.

Many customers feel that the writing was on the wall over the last few months, as the software was no longer releasing new features or updates, but the natural human tendency is always to hope for the best.

But now that the date at which WorkflowMax will no longer be available has been confirmed as 26 June 2024, it’s time for customers to start looking for a new solution.

And this is where we come in. Rather than seeing the retirement of WorkflowMax as a major setback and business disaster, think of it as the perfect opportunity to upgrade your work-management software to something better, more comprehensive, and that is continually improving. We’ve also been migrating customers from WFM for years, and in that time we’ve become damn good at it. 

Does Scoro do everything WorkflowMax does?

No, we do more. 

If you take a look at the G2 comparison page between the two software solutions, what jumps out immediately is that Scoro comfortably ranks higher for almost every metric measured. It also becomes clear that, when assessing the two solutions, reviewers found Scoro easier to use, set up, and administer. A majority of reviewers felt that Scoro meets the needs of their business better than WorkflowMax. And most tellingly, when comparing the quality of ongoing product support, reviewers felt that Scoro also has WorkflowMax beat.

How about someone who has experience of using both solutions? This is what Lenka Drablow, board member and Finance Director of the Branscombe group had to say after making the switch to Scoro: “Our experience of WorkflowMax was that it was labor intensive to use and didn’t give us a clear audit trail of projects and margins. As a growing, ambitious business, we recognised we needed something that would support us for the long term.”

Thanks to Scoro’s easy onboarding process for companies switching from other software, the transition was painless and quick:

“We identified Scoro as a better fit to be our Professional Services Automation tool. We then made a very straightforward transition to their platform, as it also integrates seamlessly with Xero. We’ve now got full visibility of projects and profitability, so over-servicing is a thing of the past. Our business is going from strength to strength, and I always say Scoro is like WorkflowMax on steroids!”

And if it’s a Xero integration you’re worried about, which is highly likely if you were using WorkflowMax, we have you fully covered. No need to mess around with zaps or other third-party apps, our integration is native and does everything you could possibly ask for and more. 

Is it easy to migrate your data?

As you start your search for replacement software, you’ll see many enticing offers claiming that one-click migration is possible, or that your data could be fully available the next day. While this is theoretically possible of course, if your business has any level of complexity or you have developed a maximum number of custom workflows (pun intended), the reality of the matter is that it will be a bit more complicated. You’ll also most likely run into issues down the road, which is why we place so much care into our customer onboarding and data migration. 

Scoro has created a professional onboarding program that is tailored to the needs of all new customers and our team is ready to welcome and help those left in the lurch by WorkflowMax. Our Onboarding Specialist will provide guidance throughout the entire process, from configuring Scoro properly to training your team.

At Scoro, we understand that a personalized approach is necessary for effective onboarding. We take into account various details such as company size, industry, business processes, and software use cases and requirements. This ensures that our approach is unique to each customer.

To ensure the success of your onboarding process, you will have a dedicated Onboarding Specialist assigned to you. The onboarding program typically includes:

  • Creating your personalized success plan, and making sure you achieve each step
  • Business process mapping
  • Help on setting up the site
  • Help on importing data
  • Help on setting up integrations
  • Help on configuring PDF templates
  • Your team onboarding training sessions

In essence, we see onboarding as a partnership between us and you. We want you to be successful and to build a relationship with our team and our software. So while we can’t promise ‘one-click-migration’ we do promise to do our level best to migrate you successfully and to set you up to manage your business the way you need to.

Our offer

We want to remove any financial barriers to switching to Scoro. If you need support for onboarding or getting bought out of your contract early, we’ve got some exclusive offers for you. Just get in touch with our team here.

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