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Jan 2019 Version Update: Introducing Task Matrix

With our previous update we introduced a couple of kick-ass time management tools (in case you missed it, take a look at our Time tracker and Timesheet view) that allow you to be in charge of your most valuable resource. We’re not stopping there, as planning your work, setting clear goals and initiatives, but also meeting them on time can set you apart from the rest.


Task matrix

Scoro’s Task board allows you to manage tasks side by side in columns, and therefore helps to visualize progress, as assignments move towards completion.

You can customize the board to display the information most relevant to you by changing the View options. By choosing a breakdown for rows, you can now add a second dimension to your Task board – what we like to call the Task matrix.

Scoro's Task matrix

This matrix view can be used in different ways to help create a wireframe for your work and set reasonable targets. For example, oversee project progress by using projects as rows and task deadline as columns. Or track team initiatives and goals to see exactly when something needs to be delivered.

We have also added a new filter to the task board that enables to filter projects by project managers. This way it’s easy to see how all projects are progressing and what each team is currently working on.

Fine-tune the way you map out your work and progress according to a clear agenda.


Note! Task matrix is included in Work HUB Ultimate and Business HUB Ultimate plans. For other Scoro plans this feature is available as a paid add-on.




  • Internal & external products. Helps to differentiate which services on a sales document are done in-house and which are outsourced.
  • Billing from Project view. Possibility to bill for done activities straight from the project view instead of switching over to the detailed work report.
  • Partial invoicing. Invoice your customer for some of the services done as you go, and for the rest of the quoted work when the project is finished.



That’s not all. Take a look at the full list of improvements…

Updated search in the Planner
In the Planner, you can now search for tasks by a related user and/or project. When searching by project you’re able to choose whether to look for tasks related to future projects or the ones already in progress. This makes it easy to quickly find the right tasks from a long list of assignments.

Quote to task notifications
When creating tasks from quoted services, it’s now possible to notify each assignee of the tasks added to their task list. When ticking the Notify option, all selected users are notified both in Scoro and via email. No need to worry about a task being left unnoticed!

Logic improvements for Purchase orders
Until now, when creating a purchase order from a quote or an order, all the information was copied from the original document to the new one, including discounts. This was somewhat illogical, so from now on discounts are not included in the data carried from one document to another.

Billable time improvements
When billing for your services using the Detailed work report, you’re also able to add your project-related costs to the invoice compiled for the customer. In order to do so, there is a “This bill is chargeable to the client” checkbox on each bill that’s already ticked by default. From now on, if the billable time setting is disabled and you don’t use this feature, this checkbox is left unticked by default.

API update
We added a new field “event_type” to our API “timeEntries” request to help distinguish task time entries from event time entries.

Solving integration errors
Scoro users can now resolve integration errors one by one instead of having to report these errors and wait for them to be solved. There’s a new “Resolve” column in the integration log and each error line includes a button “Mark as resolved”.

Xero action buttons
With the new Xero integration action buttons, you can now instantly send specific data to Xero, or pull payments or contact information from Xero to Scoro. These were added to contacts, sales and purchase documents. In addition, you can use a quick action to instantly re-sync updated or missing data. These updates make using the integration between Scoro and Xero much more convenient.

Scoro Xero integration



Okay, it’s time to go and see the new version of Scoro for yourself!

We do our very best to make Scoro better every day, so we really appreciate your feedback. Let us know what you think at [email protected].


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