Scoro Version Update 14.2

Scoro |  August 12, 2014 |  Last updated: July 26, 2016

Scoro software has been updated. The current version is 14.2

With this version, we’ve made Scoro even more user-friendly. We’ve added a completely new help sidebar with related text and video tutorials. Moreover, we’ve also introduced a tour mode with tooltips to guide you. Instructions have been placed to views where you haven’t added any items yet. Among other updates, the add and modify view of contacts has been fully revamped and you can now export contacts, invoices, quotes etc to .xls format.

Although we give our best for the transition to the new version to be as smooth as possible, may we please kindly ask you to let us know should you note any issues. This can be done on Thank you in advance!


Help sidebar

  • When you click on the Help button, a new sidebar is displayed with all the help texts and videos that are related to the current feature. This makes finding relevant guidance swift and easy.
    Use the search box to find additional information. You can also activate the Tour mode and search for additional information from there. The sidebar is closed when you click on the x or the Help button.

Tour mode

      • We’ve added tooltips to each feature to help you find your way around. These tips explain all the key elements of each view, such as navigation bars, lists and filters in a compact tour mode.
        To activate the tour, click on Help and then on the Tour button. You can always stop the tour by clicking on x in the top right corner. 
To navigate between tips, use your mouse or the keyboard arrow keys.

Placeholder instructions

        • We’ve also placed instructions to views where you haven’t added any items yet. These placeholders guide you on how to get started with each feature and tell you about its key functions. The placeholders will disappear from the main view as soon as you have added your first item, but they’ll remain in the help sidebar to guide you.

Updated contact add and modify view

  • The add and modify view of companies and persons has been revamped. The view is much clearer, making it even easier to add new contacts. Of course, if you have a large number of contacts, you can always import a list to save time.

Import and export

  • Now you can export contacts, invoices, quotes etc into Excel file format .xls.
  • Real estate objects can now be imported from a .csv file.


  • Marketing list has a simpler look and can now be filtered.
  • Both dynamic and static lists can now have “active” or “archived” as a status.
  • Webforms were moved from Marketing to Settings and Webform Reports to General Reports.

PDF templates

  • You can now add product images to the price calculation table. The size of the picture is set by column width.
  • You can also automatically display featured products with images, descriptions etc on separate pages of the PDF. This is, for example, a convenient solution to send out product quotes.

Invoices and Expenses

  • Invoice and expense lists can now be sorted by number, date, client, project and status.
  • Accounting objects are included in the product list.
  • Partial receipts are highlighted in the invoice list.
  • The original sales invoice number will appear automatically on the credit invoice.
  • Comments can now be displayed in the quote, order, invoice and expense lists. Simply select Comments from the filter bar.
  • Expenses have a new status Paid to simplify filtering.

Other important improvements

  • We’ve made countless visual updates to make Scoro even more user-friendly.
  • We’ve added customer request management to the real estate feature.
  • There is now a separate resource column in the Work report. You can display it by using the customization button.
  • We’ve made numerous API updates.

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