Scoro Version 14.1 Now Live

Scoro |  May 8, 2014 |  Last updated: July 26, 2016

Scoro software has been updated. The current version is 14.1

The front page of Scoro is now a proper dashboard that gives you an overview of everything important in a single click. The date, time and duration of calendar events can now be changed by a simple drag-and-drop function. Scoro calendar is now available in a year view that helps you to plan for long term events. We are also introducing the Presentation mode, that helps you to concentrate on the important and to eliminate any unnecessary clutter.

Although we give our best for the transition to the new version to be as smooth as possible, may we please kindly ask you to let us know should you note any issues. This can be done on Thank you in advance!


New dashboard with widgets and metrics

  • The front page of Scoro is now a proper dashboard that gives you an overview of everything important in a single click. You can add widgets and metrics to the dashboard that can be configured to your exact needs according to your pre-defined bookmarks. Use widgets to see a list of active projects in desired detail, clients in debt etc. Use metrics to display numerical values, for example the sum of unpaid invoices or the duration of tasks with missed deadlines.

More informative, drag-and-drop calendar

      • If you wish to modify the time or date of the event, simply drag it onto the desired time slot – there is no need to open the event for modification. If you need to make an event shorter or longer, simply drag the bottom bar of the event box respectively. The new duration and end time will be shown in real time. 
Remove yourself from a shared event by simply clicking on the cross icon – again, no need to open the event. 

Calendar year view

        • In addition to the week and month view, Scoro calendar is now available in a year view that helps you to plan for long term events. Select a project in the year view and you will have a project calendar. This is a great way to see, for example, when people are on a holiday. 
Here is a tip – click on the navigation arrows to move six months at a time.

Improved info bar

  • Activities, contacts, quotes, orders and invoices can all be added from the info bar – it does not matter what view you are in. You can also send emails and activate the presentation mode from the info bar.

Presentation mode

  • If you wish to set focus on something specific, for example, to analyse a work report or to display a budget, activate the presentation mode and all the uneccesary clutter will be hidden away. Move the cursor to the top right side of the screen to see hidden menus. Full view will be restored when you exit the presentation mode. There are also buttons for the main menu, bookmarks and automatic page refresh.

Drag-and-drop feature and privacy settings of files

  • Files can now be added by simple drag-and-drop function. Just grab hold of a contract and drop it in the file area of a contact view. You can also add files when creating activities. 
The privacy settings of a file are dependent on what the file is linked to. For example, if a user does not have the right to see a project, he cannot see the related files either. If a file has been uploaded to the file list, has not been set private and is unrelated, then it is accessible to everyone.

Web forms

  • The marketing module has a new feature called web forms. This means you can use Scoro to create question or request forms to be used on your web page. Contact data entered to the form will be automatically entered to the Scoro database. Tags can be linked automatically.

Imporvements of real estate features

  • Real estate objects can be shared between company accounts, just like projects.
  • Custom fields can now be added to real estate objects. You can add a custom field ‘minimum object price’ and use that information in the list view for filtering.
  • When a deal has been marked done, a handover date and payment terms can be added.
  • CSV export file has information on how many activities have been completed per activity type per object.
  • An appraisal report can be linked to an existing object.
  • Appraisals have dedicated tags that make filtering much easier.

Other important improvements

  • You can now navigate back in the web browser without losing the previous filtered view.
  • Customizable SMTP for outgoing emails – you can send emails from Scoro via your own mailbox. This means sent emails will also be displayed in your outbox.
  • Emails can be sent to several recipients at once.
  • Tasks can be filtered by user responsible.
  • Events can now recur on every work day.

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