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Scoro Once Again the Easiest to Use Business Software by G2

Scoro has been acknowledged as the Easiest to Use Business Process Management software by G2. With 96% of people who use Scoro rating us either 4 or 5 stars, we are confident in Scoro’s ability to improve our clients’ workflow. We continuously develop our product and add new features to be the perfect fit for even more professional service businesses in the future.

G2 is a global peer-to-peer business solutions review platform. With the rapid growth and exploding popularity, G2’s review site has now more than 500,000 software reviews. Their aim, of course, is not only to gather users’ experiences but to provide software buyers with in-depth guides and up-to-date market reports. They have developed different methodologies to help you streamline your software buying process and quickly identify the most suitable products. To see the full overview, click here.


Scoro easiest to use business software by G2 Crowd

User’s recommendations to others considering the product:

  • “This is definitely an all-around tool for anyone’s business, but take time to get your head around the many features, which are constantly being updated.”
  • “Get in there and use it often to become familiar with it.”
  • “Invest in the setup stage to ensure smooth implementation.”

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Scoro highest rated business software by G2 Crowd

Scoro was also acknowledged by G2 crowd among the “Highest Rated” Business Process Management software.

Our users have answered, “What do you like the best?”:

  • “I spent many months researching various programs like Scoro and have zero regrets signing on with them. This is by far the most well-thought-out, well-executed business suite out there. We love it.”
  • “Scoro offers a rich variety of functions and proves to be very useful in our daily project management. The platform is user-friendly, and there are frequent updates. Besides, the support team responds promptly to any questions and requests.”
  • “It’s a great value if you’re looking for something on the simpler side. They are always improving and making the product better to fit client needs. They are really helpful and set it up to fit your needs.”

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According to G2 Crowd’s description, business process management (BPM) software helps define, automate, and report on processes that are intended to help optimize businesses to deliver on company goals. BPM systems are used to precisely define processes that span a full company’s operations and then monitor those processes. These tools can also be used to help automate processes or, in some cases, build digital applications for different steps in the process. The strength of BPM systems is that they can look at the big full company picture and can be used by any department, but commonly are selected by operations teams.

To qualify for inclusion in the BPM category in G2 Crowd, a product must:

  1. Capture business processes
  2. Allow the creation of business rule logic
  3. Have the ability to create forms and other basic interfaces in a digital format or allow for integrations with other tools for the data


When choosing software – assess your current processes and map out all the tools and features you might need.

The lifecycle of a business process can span not just a long time but may also require the use of different systems, and the more complex the process, the more systems likely to be required. While Business Process Management (BPM) software is great for automating tasks and reducing the amount of time they take, it is only able to do that if it integrates effectively with other tools and software. Check if the selected software solution has all the features or integrations you need. 


When choosing software – check if the vendor provides professional support for setting up the software.

As some tools are so powerful, the learning curve can be steep. This is where a strong support team comes in. You’ll want to consider who will be administering the tool for your business and their level of comfort with this type of software. You’ll also have to consider how much time and effort are you willing to put into the software implementation project. Remember, to make this new software success for your company, you have to invest your time and focus.

We are grateful for the team of G2 Crowd for these detailed, up-to-date and unbiased reports on B2B software. We would also like to extend our gratitude to the loyal users of Scoro, for writing these reviews and helping other companies discover the power of holistic business software. Peer-to-peer reviews are recognized as one of the most trusted and accurate ways to figure out which software your business needs. Of course, keep in mind, every business and the team is different. Read the reviews, see the rankings, do the free trials, have demos with the software experts – choose the perfect solution without hesitation.


Scoro is the most comprehensive business management solution for creative and professional services. It helps to streamline work and eliminate routine tasks to ensure business runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible – from sales right through to billing. If you want to find out more about Scoro, take a tour of the software with a 14-day free trial.

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