Scoro Scoops Not One but Six Industry Accolades

We’re excited to announce that Scoro has been named by G2 as a Leader in no less than six categories this fall. G2 has rapidly evolved to become the world’s most trusted peer-to-peer business solutions review platform, with over 1 million software reviews and rising. By using patented algorithms to gather insights about user experiences, G2 provides unbiased advice, streamlining the software buying process for discerning yet time-pressured decision-makers by quickly identifying suitable products.

Scoro’s usability is a hit with customers

At Scoro, we’re focussed on providing a platform which puts the user in the driving seat and provides the best user experience possible. With a score of 8.58 in the Fall 2020 Project Management Usability Index by G2, Scoro is at #1 of the leader board when it comes to platform usability. Factors which contribute to the overall score include ease of admin, ease of use, how well the platform meets requirements, user adoption percentage, and number of reviews.

Scoro Best UsabilityScoro awarded #1 Best Usability in the Project Management Usability Index 

Scoro leads the way in project management

Considered “one of the best end-to-end business management programs”, Scoro has been announced Momentum Leader for Project and Portfolio Management, achieving the highest Momentum Score (65) and Satisfaction Score (90) of all project management platforms.

Momentum LeaderScoro named the Momentum Leader in the Momentum Grid® Report for Project and Portfolio Management, and Momentum Grid® Report for Professional Services Automation


In addition, Scoro has been recognized as a Leader in the Fall 2020 Grid Report for Project and Portfolio Management by G2, with high scores for number of user reviews, satisfaction and market presence resulting in a combined G2 score of 85. Satisfaction scores included 89% of users being likely to recommend to others, and 98% of users agreeing the platform is “going in the right direction”.

A firm favorite across Europe, Scoro has also been named Leader in the Fall 2020 Europe Regional Satisfaction Index for Project and Portfolio Management by G2, achieving a satisfaction level of 90%. Satisfaction ratings are based on factors such as quality of support, ease of use, how well the platform meets requirements, ease of admin, ease of doing business, and ease of setup.


Scoro Leader Europe

Scoro named Leader in the Europe Regional Satisfaction Index for Project and Portfolio Management


Across these project management categories, Scoro users are particularly impressed with planning, alignment, performance, data consolidation, data visualization and resource management capabilities, as well as the ability to prioritize tasks.

Contenders for the project management category must: define different types of portfolios and the associated projects; manage dependencies between portfolios and projects; allocate resources across multiple portfolios and projects; identify the optimal portfolio mix to achieve business goals; monitor the business performance of all portfolio types; and address and mitigate project risks related to portfolios.

Scoro drives business efficiencies with automation

As automation becomes a mainstay of today’s project management solutions, Scoro is proud to be recognized as a Momentum Leader in the Fall 2020 Momentum Grid Report for Professional Services Automation by G2, achieving a combined G2 grid score of 65. G2 describes PSA (Professional Services Automation) as software that “helps companies in professional services manage most or all back-office and front-office activities [such as] tracking operations and related costs, as well as the revenues they generate.

Scoro has also been named as a Leader in the Fall 2020 Grid Report for Professional Services Automation by G2, with 88% of users likely to recommend the platform to others, while 96% agree the platform is “going in the right direction”.

Scoro LeaderScoro is the Leader in the Grid® Report for Professional Services Automation, and Grid® Report for Project and Portfolio Management


Contenders for the PSA category must: be able to manage customer profiles, sales opportunities, and communications; include features for contract management and service level agreements (SLA); provide project and portfolio management for professional services; deliver accounting functionality or integrate with accounting software; track project and portfolio costs such as time and expenses; record and allocate resources based on necessity and availability; recognize revenue by project, portfolio, or business unit; and monitor project and portfolio performance, risk, and profitability.

Don’t take our word for it: recent recommendations from Scoro users

  • “My KPI dashboard is amazing. Customizable dashboards for pipeline, project delivery and resourcing have dramatically given me insights as to which part of the business I need to focus my attention on, based on real-time input from my team.”
  • “Scoro has easily adapted to my business – in a matter of a few hours – and has allowed me to get the most out of it. Impressive.”
  • “It has become a universal platform [for our company] – effective, powerful and professional. It has brought much improvement in our work [and] is helping us communicate in better ways.”
  • “Not only do we have a transparent view of our team’s working, but we can evaluate everyone’s progress.”
  • “We have been using Scoro for 5 years now. It has improved our daily work a lot. [We love the] ease of adjusting, possibility to bulk export detailed data form Scoro in order to analyze it, and its user-friendly interface. Support is fast. I see constant development of the platform, features and interface.”
  • “A fantastic tool. Scoro fascinates me due to its ease of implementation on any platform.”
  • “Scoro – the easiest integration platform.”
  • Scoro – the business solution that integrates multiple functions.”

Scoro - Users Love Us

Scoro receives top user reviews


As our CEO, Fred Krieger, concludes:

“These awards are a testament to our ongoing commitment to developing a user-centric project management platform in which everything is one click away. It’s also great to see our automation features recognized as we help project management teams drive unprecedented efficiencies for their business. It’s this kind of recognition that keeps us focused, and we’re grateful to everyone who has taken the time to leave a review.”

To explore the platform for yourself and see if Scoro fits your individual business needs, take advantage of a 14-day free trial today.