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Life in Scoro’s Sales Team: Interview with VP of Sales Andrew Pringle

Over the years, we’ve shared stories about Scoro’s company culture, given tips on recruiting world-class talent, and explained how we use Scoro to manage daily work. Now, we’ve decided to raise the curtain again and show more specifically how different teams within Scoro play a role in helping companies across the globe work smarter, not harder.

And we kick this series off by introducing a team that works tirelessly to ensure that customers everywhere find their way to the best work management software out there – our Sales Team. This team plays a crucial part in the life and success of a scale-up company like Scoro.

A high-performing and motivated sales team is one of the key elements to support global expansion.

To hear more about the daily work and opportunities within our sales team, we talked to our VP of Sales, Andrew Pringle, who has more than 15 years of experience in the tech industry.

What is your main role as a VP of Sales, and what motivated you to join Scoro?

My main role is to manage the growth of the company from a revenue perspective and all things related. The focus is on encouraging incremental change to deliver a sustainable model for growth. An essential part of achieving this is recruiting, developing, and leading a team of high-performing SMB and Enterprise sales professionals.

I joined Scoro about a year ago, in September 2020. Scoro appealed to me because of its amazing product backed up by a world-class team. Covid-19 has made our value proposition even more relevant as organizations need one unique and complex solution that makes a difference.

How big is the sales team, and what are the main challenges for the team?

At the moment, the team has 34 members, and it’s still growing. We have people in London, Tallinn, Riga, New York and Seattle. As a VP of Sales, I am responsible for all the salespeople, solution engineering and revenue operations, as well as the learning & development team – all critical for our success.

As the majority of new people have joined during 2021, the team is fairly young and many are still ramping. Therefore, the current goal and challenge at the same time is understanding Scoro and our value proposition.

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My favorite part about being a BDR is communication with clients. I've always been a people person, and it's exciting to talk to different people in various industries. The bonus is knowing that I play a small part in helping to make their lives a lot easier with our product. – Brian Piehl, BDR

Could you briefly describe Scoro’s sales process?

Success in sales at Scoro relies upon three key pillars:

  1. Predictability
  2. Accountability
  3. Consistency

This starts with having a robust sales process taking a potential lead all the way through to a successful close. Each step of the process attempts to qualify (and, more importantly, disqualify) a prospect as we move through the sales cycle. The sales process itself is underpinned by our sales qualification methodology – the ‘Scoroway’.

Working in sales can have a lot of highs and lows. How do you motivate your people and keep them going?

Everyone in the team is different, so it’s important to know what motivates them individually. For example, at Scoro, we believe that growth=opportunity. But that could mean one of many things and not always money.

Further, it’s important to have a growth mindset and remember that we learn from making mistakes and that asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness.

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I love our team's hunger and thrive for action – there's great communication, and everyone works as a team. Besides, with our product, we really change lives inside the business'. – Angie Meneses Ryan, BDR

As you said, having a growth mindset is crucial. What kind of development possibilities do you offer for a person joining Scoro’s sales team?

As mentioned before, people aren’t just motivated by money. Therefore, we need to find different ways to retain top talent as well as attract new people.

For that, we have created our internal Sales Academy, a competency-based training program. It’s designed so that everyone in the team – both new salespeople and our most experienced consultants – can still improve their skills.

This approach and investment in our people means that we don’t only look for seasoned talent but also welcome someone with very little experience. Some people who are recruited into our BDR team will become our future consultants.

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A BDR in Scoro brings in new business opportunities and follows them through the sales process, giving the opportunity to observe the second half of the sales cycle and learn what it takes to close deals. It's a good stepping stone for different paths – whether in Marketing, Pre-Sales, or most commonly in Sales. – Annette Kirotar, Head of Business Development

Finding new talent is always challenging. What are the key competencies you’re looking for in a candidate?

We use a simple scoring methodology when looking for someone new:

  1. Talent – do they have a natural aptitude or skill for the role; that inner quality to be successful that emerges effortlessly.
  2. Enthusiasm – are they enthusiastic about Scoro and how we create value (enthusiasm is infectious).
  3. Culture – does the Scoro culture suit the individual, not are they right for us.
  4. Intelligence – not academic, but emotional, social and practical intelligence.
  5. Experience – not always professional as we often recruit people into roles they haven’t done before. Life experience is more important.

Why would you recommend Scoro to someone new?

When I was in my first proper job, an influential person told me to ‘walk the walk, don’t talk the talk’, which is very relevant here at Scoro.

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We have a world-class team, world-class product, an enviable culture built on trust and respect. - Andrew Pringle

If you want to grow, are prepared to work hard, and want to progress your career with amazing colleagues with similar goals, then Scoro is for you and is walking the walk.

The recruitment process at Scoro is a 2-way street, we never assume we have all of the control, and we recognize candidates could have multiple options. Our job is to ensure Scoro is the right place for their valuable future.

You have mentioned that Scoro has big growth plans. Could you bring out some specific goals and plans you have in the near future?

Scoro is a high-growth SaaS company with high expectations. Scoro has a unique proposition in a multi-billion dollar global market which provides opportunities for new clients adopting SaaS and those that have invested in a competitor but are reviewing the market at the point of renewal.

Traditionally Scoro has been a European-centric company, but with the Americas the world’s largest market, a significant amount of our future growth will come from this region. I find it is an excellent and exciting opportunity to be part of it right now.

Life in Scoro’s Sales Team: Interview with VP of Sales Andrew Pringle - quote image

I joined Scoro at such an exciting time. The company has big ambitions and is growing quickly, so I was keen to be a part of that. Having the opportunity to grow out a Partner ecosystem and shape a new division of the company gives me a huge platform, and it was, therefore, an easy decision to join. – Rob Anderson, Partnership Manager

If you would like to join Scoro’s sales team or any other team, check our Careers Page!

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