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Life at Scoro: Story of a Customer Success Intern

Over the years, we’ve shared stories about Scoro’s company culture, given tips on recruiting world-class talent, and explained how we use Scoro to manage daily work. Now, we’ve decided to raise the curtain again and talk a bit more about our life at Scoro.

We kicked this series off with our VP of Sales, who spoke about the life in our Sales Team. This time, we’ve asked our Customer Success intern to share his story.

It was April 2021, Europe was going through a major lockdown and people were forced into their homes. That’s when Markus Wünsche, a bachelor student from the south of Germany, decided to move to Estonia and start his internship as a Customer Success Specialist at Scoro.

Continue reading to find out:

  • why Markus came to Estonia and what attracted him to Scoro
  • what were his tasks as an intern
  • how did he enjoy his internship at Scoro

A business administration student with a passion for motorsport

Coming from a small town in the south of Germany, Markus has always been interested in technology and business. Therefore, moving to Stuttgart to do his bachelor’s degree in technically oriented business administration seemed like a logical step. The main focus of his studies was innovation, international management and business information systems.

Apart from studying, he’s passionate about sports, especially motorsport. In the university, he was a member of the race team, carrying some management and financial responsibilities and being the race car driver.

From Stuttgart to Tallinn, from customer to a full-time Scorer

During his studies, Markus worked as a business analyst in a startup company that needed a new work management software. As he was interested in process management and business software, he was assigned to find and implement an appropriate solution for the whole team of around 20 people. That’s how he found Scoro!

“I was convinced by the product of Scoro and was in contact with some inspiring people working there. At the end of the sales phase, I asked if Scoro would be open for an internship,” explains Markus.

After several video calls with the Onboarding team and communication with the recruiters, Markus found himself on the plane to Tallinn, excited for this new challenge.

“The hiring process was very transparent and also quite relaxed. It was a great opportunity to talk about what I could do at Scoro as well as to get to know the company and its people better.”

Life as a Customer Success Specialist intern

As Markus is interested in process management and business software, he became a part of the SOS (support, onboarding, success) department, carrying the role of Customer Success Specialist.

At Scoro, we want to give our interns hands-on work experience. Therefore, his days looked very similar to other team members. His main tasks included:

  • mapping the client’s current processes;
  • analyzing their requirements and business situations;
  • setting up Scoro to fit their way of working;
  • finding solutions for complex workflows and integration needs;
  • training the end-users.

Markus exceeded his team’s expectations quickly. Therefore, he got an opportunity to look after Scoro’s self-onboarding clients and help them set up Scoro.

Life at Scoro: Story of a Customer Success Intern - quote image

“Getting my first onboarding project assigned and then closing it was a great accomplishment and definitely one of my internship highlights.” – Markus Wünsche

Scoro’s team & culture

Even as a customer, Markus was fascinated by the culture and people at Scoro – who know how to have fun while working hard to help people become more productive at work. “If you are motivated to work on the exciting topics that are happening at Scoro and open to the people around you, you’ll be successful together with the company and product.”

One of his highlights was Scoro’s Global Week at the end of August, where the team of 120 Scorers from different countries got together in Tallinn. Throughout the week, we had various team building activities that culminated with a 2-days long summer fest in the Estonian countryside, where the whole team was dressed as hippies.

Team Scoro Summer festival

Main challenges and takeaways

During the internship, Markus learned a lot about being responsible for client projects and improving his customer communication and project management skills. He got a good understanding of what it’s like to work in a fast-growing software company delivering world-class service to international clients.

“Being able to work on exciting projects and tasks, having teammates who supported me and shared from their experiences made it possible for me to learn a lot during my internship.”

Markus admits that the most challenging part was managing his time and prioritizing tasks while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Luckily, Scoro is a great product to help with that and also work-life balance is something that Scoro as a company strongly advocates for.

Plans for future

After 6 months of a successful internship at Scoro, Markus is now back in Berlin, continuing studies in the information systems master program. In the future, he sees himself working at the intersection of business issues and software solutions connected with product management.

“Living in Estonia was a truly great, inspiring and interesting time. I learned a lot about myself while living abroad and realized how important it is to find a good workplace where you are able to grow as a person.”

At Scoro, we genuinely believe in giving a chance to young and hardworking people. That’s why we’re planning to welcome even more new interns on board next year. If you’re interested in joining Scoro, send us your application through our career page.