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Tips for Effective Project Management and How to Motivate Employees

PROJECT MANAGEMENT is truly a form of art, and it takes a skilled manager to master all the best techniques. Fortunately, great managers over the past decades have taken part in the technological revolution and worked in cooperation with technical counterparts in the technology field to develop systems and training for mass implementation.

It is possible for companies to implement strategic project management principles and techniques to assist and support the supervision of employees. There are tactics from an operational standpoint that go very far with motivated employees to verify their buy-in. There are other employees that do better with quality assurance standards.

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Internal Motivators

So how to motivate employees? Keep in mind that they can be driven by either external or internal processes. For the internally motivated employees, a project management team can influence employees by offering rewards and punishment, establishing a comradery based team, or emotional appeals.

Seasoned project managers often make the claim that professionals do not need to come to work motivated. However, not every aspect of a job will require thought and creativity. Boring, repetitive tasks are just as important as the cognitive stuff. If a job is not naturally satisfying in its right, then the satisfaction must be obtained from other sources.

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Society has long held that jobs such as nursing, ministry, helping the poor, and other humanitarian positions have a certain degree of inherent satisfaction built into them. If, however, the job is not inherently satisfying, the employees can find satisfaction through goal achievement, team competition, and active employee involvement in the processes to help supply the motivation.

These are all environmental motivators that require expert and constant management by experienced project managers.


External Motivators

One of the most common expressions growing in the common vernacular is “Trust, but verify.” Some employees will never buy into your program, never seek to achieve excellence, and at the same time do not underperform. Mediocrity is the worst outcome in the world of competing businesses and is a precursor to utter failure without the right turnaround team. Mediocrity can be avoided with the proper controls put into place.

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Mechanization and computerization are tools that mass produce success when they are used in a symbiotic fashion. Establishing the right balance between monitoring for employee performance goal achievement and employee morale is a delicate balancing act.

Some people can run a marathon while others excel at the 40-meter dash. When a productivity or quality assurance goal is set for position human resources must have a good image of what is required physically and mentally when they fill the position with the most qualified personnel.

The reality is that employees are expected to work at high rates of productivity. To achieve that goal, the team members must first be capable of performing the tasks. When you have made the right hires and conducted the proper training, the employees will be in need of tools to monitor their performance.

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With the ability of the employee to track their goals and the ability of management to monitor their performance simultaneously, the collaboration between the project management team and employee can be symbiotic.

One of the most difficult challenges in project management is not in getting employees to do what you want them to do, but in getting them to want to do what you want them to do. Software solutions such as Scoro can help keep everybody on the same page and make it easier for project managers to track employee productivity.