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Bringing Order to the Chaos of Employee Onboarding

At Scoro, we believe that every success story is built on a solid foundation. And whether we are talking about our clients or new team members, we want everybody to have the best experience with Scoro software. That’s why we have created a well-crafted and thorough onboarding process for every new user that walks through our doors.

This following article is written by Richard Wright, our Head of Marketing, who shares his onboarding experience in Scoro (and with Scoro) during the first two months.

Whenever you start a new role, the first 60 days are inevitably a period of absorbing as much information as humanly possible – a whirlwind of learning names, processes, systems, priorities, schedules and projects. It is easy – expected even – to become overwhelmed as you get your feet under the desk, and get stuck into a new challenge and opportunity.

I joined the Scoro team at the beginning of December as Head of Marketing and braced myself for this inevitable period of onboarding chaos. I have worked in tech for over a decade so was familiar with the usual induction process of putting faces to names, constant introductory meetings and product training, all whilst figuring out what the business priorities needed to be, and supporting the marketing team from day one.

But as the first days turned into the first weeks, it became clear there was a significant difference from my experiences at previous organisations.

For instance, I wasn’t chained to email whilst also juggling Slack messages that required an instant response. I had quick access to the tasks my team were working on and seeing which were the priorities.  My tasks were neatly displayed and I could easily see how they were tracking.

As you would expect, the Scoro platform is central to how we work as a business, and this presented a first for me working with a Saas business – the platform we sell is the platform we live in to do our jobs.

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Key benefits to the onboarding process


Scoro’s mission is to change the way the world works, helping customers become more productive and efficient in the process. As you would expect, we need to practice what we preach and use the platform correctly to ensure we are living those values.

It soon became apparent in my first months with Scoro that I could be more structured, reduce distractions, increase transparency and have a more proactive mindset when utilising the product in the right way.  I hadn’t considered it previously, but I realised that over the years, when faced with a large workload, my approach to work could occasionally be reactive – tied to a to-do list, reacting to issues as they arise and slotting in project work where possible. So it was professionally refreshing to be introduced to this new way of working and, importantly, to see so many peers around me benefitting in the same way.

Product Knowledge

My understanding of the platform is more than just knowing conceptually what it does and the value it brings. Every Scorer uses it day in, day out, so possesses hands-on, detailed experience, ensuring that across the organisation, we have uncommonly high standards of product knowledge.

Customer Empathy

It is a lot easier to get enthusiastic about a platform when you are enjoying the benefits from day one. From a marketing point of view, I am closer to the problems we solve and the value we create for clients, allowing for more considered messaging and empathy with customers.

So what have I learned my first few months with Scoro? Well, apart from Scoro having a high performing team who definitely know how to throw a party (I am not sure I am fully recovered from the New Year’s event), starting a new role doesn’t have to be the usual rounds of “drinking from the fire hose” and can be a genuinely constructive and empowering experience when your working life is shaped by the Scoro platform.

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Richard Wright

Richard Wright

Richard Wright is the Head of Marketing at Scoro. He has been leading tech marketing teams for the last decade with a roll-your-sleeves-up attitude and focus on the numbers. Lives by the maxim "Take your work seriously, not yourself".

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