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Lockdown: The Fast Track to Digital Transformation

Like many groups, my friends and I tend to bond through constant sarcasm and making fun of each other. So when a friend in our circle recently revealed to the group that he had secured a new job overseeing digital transformation in a financial organization, the news was met with some gentle teasing.

This got me thinking – while ‘digital transformation’ has been in the collective psyche for some time, definition (and understanding) can vary greatly. And as the current global crisis has made us rethink and reimagine almost every area of our lives – how we work, exercise, educate, communicate – it has also made us consider the role technology plays in all this.

As lockdowns took hold around the world, many organizations were forced to use new technologies and facilitate remote working for their teams. Some coped better than others, but this was a clear demonstration of digital transformation in action that even the skeptics could not brush off as a fad.

All of this has allowed digital transformation to become mainstream and – for the uninitiated – shed its image as a buzzword. Time will tell the effect mass remote working will have, but I believe the genie is out of the bottle. Employees will learn to embrace their improved work-life balance, spending less time on commuting and having flexible working conditions. In turn, organizations will realize the benefits of a more content, engaged workforce, cost savings on facilities, and even reduced carbon footprints.

Having realized the potential of digital transformation, the race is now on for businesses to apply these learnings to other problems. But where do you start and how do you measure success?

One thing for certain, I couldn’t agree more with this recent thought that companies who will not consider the overall picture and plow forward with shiny new technology without thinking about people, can experience a negative impact. A successful digital transformation requires equal investments in technologies, people, and processes that drive business value.

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Delivering Digital Transformation and Maintaining Operational Excellence

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Simon Chapman, Head Of Solutions Engineering at Scoro, Colleen Kelley, Managing Director at Stratford Managers, Marija Kiric, Sr. Director, Operations at sgsco and Patricia Travanti, Project Manager at Mallol Arquitectos provide insight into their journey through digital transformation and discuss:

  • how to get started and replan, prioritize and focus on maintaining growth;
  • how to effectively manage change for your teams and avoid the ‘big brother’ feeling, through enabling connection and collaboration;
  • what does the ‘new world’ look like, and how can you forecast in a much more efficient manner and be agile.