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Business Productivity Tools That Save up to 10 Hours Every Week

In business, time is money. Professionals must stay focused and organized in order to find success. Every minute wasted is a dollar lost. However, we’re only human. And the world of business can be complex, overwhelming and stressful.

Technology is making it easier than ever before to find assistance. Don’t spend money hiring more assistants or employees to solve your problems. Look to the web for new tools and resources that can help increase your productivity and make the world of business easier to navigate.

There are plenty of apps and software available for business professionals. However, it can take days to weed through the options. Finding the right one for your specific needs may seem impossible.

Save valuable time and money and use the following 10 business productivity resources to increase your efficiency, starting today. Try a few of them and watch as your schedule becomes easier to maintain. By the end of the week, you will most likely have saved yourself an entire workday, making it possible to get high-quality work done faster.

1. Scoro

Scoro combines project management with CRM and billing so that you need one tool instead of five different ones.

Get Scoro here.

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2. Sanebox

This tool will analyze your inbox and email activity to intelligently assess which emails are important and which ones are not. It’s one step ahead of your junk mail folder and will literally save you hours of email sorting.

Get Sanebox here.

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3. HootSuite

This online software is great for managing all your company’s social media channels. In today’s world of web-based communication, it can be overwhelming and time-consuming to separately log in to each social media site and post accordingly. HootSuite users can schedule social media posts, monitor all account activity and delegate social assignments.

Get HootSuite here.

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4. Evernote

This popular app connects on all your devices and makes it easy to access personal notes, emails, documents and online content all in one place. Professionals can use their transcription tools and save audio, video or picture files while better organizing daily tasks.

Get Evernote here.

Business productivity tool Evernote

5. Upwork

To get the most done, professionals need to sometimes delegate responsibilities and outsource some work. Check out Upwork to find and hire freelance writers, website administrators and much more. Give yourself more time to focus on what you really need to accomplish.

Upwork productivity

6. Hemingway

This online editor is an extremely efficient tool for online content writers. Businesses need to communicate ideas clearly and in as few words as possible. Hemingway will proofread your writing and correct spelling, verb usage, sentence structure and punctuation, as well as providing a useful readability score.

Try Hemingway text editor here.

Business tool Hemingway

7. Pocket

Pocket works as a mobile saving folder. Save images, videos, articles, and links that you want to view or use later. For a busy business professional, this app can save you tons of time wasted on organizing your research or trying to remember the great idea you had just yesterday.

Get Pocket here.

Business productivity tool Pocket

8. Toggl

This time tracking software will quickly land among the most used ones in your everyday business. It will track how much time you spend in various applications and sites and is a simple, easy and efficient way to better manage your own and your team’s productivity.

Start using Toggl by clicking here.

Business productivity tool Toggl

9. Trello

Trello makes project management, assignment scheduling, and business communication simple and seamless. The click-and-drag interface is easy to use and users can quickly collaborate, share lists, tasks and more via cards that look similar to Pinterest boards.

Get Trello here.

productivity tool Trello

Check out this Trello alternative!

10. Ninjaessays

This professional custom writing service is a great way for business professionals to save hours of time. Don’t get stuck with the writer’s block, poor editing quality or rushed proofreading. You want to present the best information and in the best format possible for your audience. Use Ninjaessays for editing and proofreading help, as well as 24/7 support and resume writing.

Check out Ninjaessays here.

Business productivity tool Ninjaessays

11. Plagtracker

Every successful business has a blog or at least some online content. Depending on the type of business you are in, writing can be at the centre of your work. Use Plagtracker’s unique authenticity checking algorithm to be sure your content and always 100% original. Don’t ruin your reputation by publishing plagiaristic writing.

Plagtracker tool

Using technology to save time in business will also save money.

A survey in 2014 by AT&T and the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council (focused on small-business technology) showed that “the majority of small businesses that use smartphone apps to increase productivity feel that they are saving an average of $6,000 a year.”

Not only will you better manage your time by using these time-saving resources, you will also save your finances. Time and budgets are at the centre of any company’s success. You don’t only need to believe in your work and your business mission. You also need to use the tools at your disposal to push your profits to the next level.

Integrating technology into your professional life is guaranteed to increase your success. The world today stays connected through technology and the modern business world should be no different. Engage and connect with your customers more efficiently by using your favourite online tools that will save you hours of time every week.

When you feel like using great productivity tools is not enough, look into these six steps to increase productivity at work (and finish the day earlier).

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Adam Chapman

Adam Chapman works on behalf of MaxiMillion in content creation and marketing. He creates engaging graphics and content that help businesses stand out from the crowd. Over the past 7 years has worked with dozens of SME's in both an agency and freelance capacity.

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