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14 Best Odoo Alternatives & Competitors For Work Management

Odoo provides integrated functional business apps for the management of business processes. It features numerous resources, including finance, resource, time, project, and work management, to increase efficiency, prevent time wastage, and increase productivity.

However, there are several other work management alternatives that may be more suitable depending on specific requirements.

1. Scoro

Scoro Dashboard

Scoro is one of the top alternatives for work management. With Scoro, you don’t need dozens of apps to get things done. It allows you to manage all vital components or processes of your business from one place.

Scoro’s management software helps agencies, consultancies, and professional service companies or firms streamline projects, automate billing, simplify quoting, and optimize utilization. With Scoro as the control center, you can track everything in your business, including sales and daily activities, to increase profitability and productivity.

Scoro also functions as a time management tool. With Scoro time management, you can abolish interferences and manage time holistically. This means knowing what task needs to be accomplished and at what time. You can also see how changes and delays impact your plans in an up-to-date view.

Additionally, Scoro is an easy-to-use collaborative platform. Scoro allows teams to collaborate efficiently through end-to-end management, from small tasks to massive projects. Also, you can integrate Scoro with other tools you already use. For instance, you can integrate Scoro with popular accounting tools, cloud storage solutions, and other tools for automation. You can also get a complete overview of the real-time results of using Scoro through its reporting and dashboards. This tool allows you to analyze processes, monitor risks, and create high-level reports in one click.

Scoro applies in various industries, like management agencies, legal and professional services, business consultancies, building and construction, marketing, and IT.

Below is a breakdown of the top Scoro features:

  • Time management- Allows you to plan and prioritize your work to avoid overlaps and promote productivity
  • Project management- It allows you to track progress, tasks, events, and changes to an ongoing project
  • Sales and CRM- It gives you a 360-degree view of each customer
  • Finances- Scoro offers financial management tools for a comprehensive overview of your whole business
  • Integrations- You can integrate Scoro with tools you are already using, allowing for automation

Try Scoro’s 14-day free trial.

2. Function Point

function point dashboard

Function Point is an all-in-one software for agency management. The helps agencies become a team and ensure that all team project deadlines are kept, workloads evenly distributed, finances, invoices, and time are tracked. Function Point features CRM and estimating tools that prevent the need for traditional spreadsheets, billing, and budgeting features.

It also features a project management tool to empower teams and track progress, changes, events, and needs. It also offers a resource and collaboration management element aside from financial and business reporting. Therefore, with Function Point, you can say goodbye to bottlenecks, optimize your resources, promote creativity through collaboration, save money and time through financial tools, and track your business’ real-time performance insights.

Below is a breakdown of the features offered by Function Point:

  • CRM and estimating tools for tracking and managing client information and budgeting funds and resources
  • Project management for tracking and taking charge of small to large projects
  • Resource management for ensuring proper allocation and utilization of resources
  • Team collaboration for promoting teamwork across departments
  • Agency financials and business reporting

3. Citrix Podio

Citrix Podio product screenshot

Another great alternative for Odoo for work management is Citrix Podio. This is an all-in-one key to hasten productivity, automate vital processes, data assembly, and document systems. It is a secure platform with incredible flexibility and optimized operations. Citrix Podio is designed to streamline and simplify the way you work. With Citrix Podio, you can build essential workflow automation for any department or industry. This ensures the security of your business and document processes. Additionally, with Citrix Podio, you get more than just a tool but a flexible platform that allows teams to collaborate.

Below are some of the highlight features of Citrix Podio:

  • Efficient and secure collaboration management tools
  • Controlled work management
  • Resource and customer management
  • Multi-industry applications
  • Customer Resource Management

4. Synergist

Synergist is an all-in-one agency management software that purposes to help companies move away from traditional chaotic work environments towards calmer and strategic approaches. These approaches increase performance and profitability. Synergist is designed to grow intelligently with agencies to avoid unnecessary changes and migrations. Synergy is also a project management tool. It provides insight into the profitability of projects, tracks progress, and takes projects to new heights. Additionally, Synergist helps with time and money management. It is also an incredible tool for planning, tracking, communicating, sharing, reporting, and management.

Below are some of the top features of Synergist:

  • Management dashboard that allows you to decide what you want to see regarding your business’ productivity and performance
  • Sales dashboard that allows you to forecast your revenue
  • CRM tool allows you to manage new and existing client data
  • Personal and performance dashboards with real-time data
  • Finances tools like billing plans, estimates, and quotes

5. Forecast

Forecast’s work automation tool allows you to reduce administrative tasks and provide a smooth-running environment in your facility. The platform’s business intelligence book allows you to analyze, report, and improve business processes. Another Forecast feature is the team collaboration tool which promotes teamwork across different departments and with other players. Additionally, it offers resource and project management to ensure proper application of resources, manage the bandwidth, and ensure the best project outcomes and successes. With Forecast, you can also count on project accounting tools. These tools help you to keep budget insight when running projects.

Top features:

  • Forecast is a task administration instrument for agencies, consultancies, operations, and finance
  • It enhances AI work automation
  • It helps with the project, resource, and project collaboration
  • It enhances business intelligence
  • Forecast allows for apps and software integration

6. GranttPRO

GranttPRO is another incredible alternative for work management. Principal commercial software evaluation or review platforms consider it a top-rated project management software. It is an online project supervision instrument grounded on Grantt Charts. This platform saves time on scripting offers to customers by automating processes. It also makes it easier to set up plans on high-logic stages. The platform allows you to plan and control multiple projects at once. It allows you to fragment your plans into groups of tasks, milestones, and subtasks. GranttPRO also helps with automatic online project scheduling, tracking, and team management. Additionally, the tool helps with resource management and cost estimations for projects and business processes.

Top features:

  • GranttPRO features a workload tool that helps you check on your team’s productivity
  • It also offers a reporting tool
  • The platform is a great task and resource management platform
  • It is ideal for budget tracking and collaboration
  • The company also offers a learning center for all new and existing clients

7. Workamajig

This is an all-in-one marketing project management software serving creative agencies and in-house teams. It also offers a business intelligence tool that gives real-time insight into cash flow, budgeting, and forecast review. Additionally, Workamajig is a secure and compliant tool that you can integrate with other software and tools in your business. Workamajig’s pricing plan considers everyone, from small to large corporations. The platform’s resource management feature consists of marketing resources, traffic management, schedules, task allocation, and management. Finally, it features fully integrated accounting and financial reporting tools for efficient and easy billing and invoicing.

Top features:

  • This is a fantastic instrument for creative agencies or in-house creative teams
  • It serves clients with 5 to 5000 employees
  • Workamajig helps companies with marketing project management tools
  • The platform brings creative project works and agency financials in a single integrated platform
  • It offers a full project management suite and complete business insight

8. HarmonyPSA

HarmonyPSA, currently known as CloudBlue PSA, is a go-to platform if you want to gain full visibility for your business. It integrates sales, processes, and economics into one system. It also permits you to see everything in one pane of glass with a PSA solution purpose-built for modern MSP. CloudBlue Professional Service Automation software provides maximum process automation to ensure added value and better business administration. Additionally, the platform offers real-time insight for your business systems analysis, accessing data for better choice or pronunciations. It also offers unrivaled flexibility.

Top features:

  • CloudBlue PSA allows you to work on the go on any device
  • The platform offers unparalleled service desk
  • It is a powerful project and supply administration instrument
  • It provides highly automated billing
  • CloudBlue PSA offers dashboards are real-time profitability graph trends

9. Workbook

This Odoo alternative is built specifically for agencies and in-house teams. It helps with project management, improving and making people and finance easier so you can focus on what is important. The platform gives you full visibility into project performance by allowing you to integrate operations from end to end, providing accurate and real-time visibility. Additionally, the platform allows you to manage tasks in real-time and make the most of your day with flexible task management. With Workbook, you can also integrate task management and time entry to focus on creativity and innovation processes.

Furthermore, Workbook enables client collaboration. This helps build stronger and lasting relationships with clients by offering them transparency. Additionally, it offers full resource transparency.

Top features:

  • Workbook allows you to stay connected and productive from anywhere through the app
  • The company works with renowned customers like Ogilvy, and We are social
  • It is a great tool for promoting collaboration
  • It is a great tool for work, resource management, and transparency
  • It promotes integration

10. Runn software

With Runn Software, you can quickly schedule tasks for your team without depending on clunky Excel spreadsheets. This helps prevent employee burnout. This software also provides an easy way to create projects without worrying about people’s availability so you can focus on what matters. Additionally, Runn Capacity Management software gives you a precise representation of your team’s load from a solitary common view. Also, with Runn Project Forecasting Software, you can forecast where your business is heading and plan with confidence. Furthermore, with easy timesheet tracking and management, you can compare your plans with reality to build confidence in your plans. Also, you can discover the potential of your business Runn Software’s robust reporting.

Some of the top Runn Software features are;

  • Resource scheduling
  • Project planning
  • Capacity management and project forecasting
  • Timesheets and reporting
  • API and integrations

11. Dynamics 365

Dynamic 365 offers agility without limits. It helps adapt and innovate with hyperconnected businesses that give everyone the insight and freedom to thrive. This is achieved by connecting data, processes, and teams with intelligent business applications. Dynamic 365 provides solutions for small to large businesses. This means choosing one, some, or all the features. These tools are designed to work together with existing systems for comprehensive solutions connecting entire departments and businesses. Therefore, Dynamic 365 is great for integration with other tools.

The following is a breakdown of the features of Dynamic 365:

  • Sales- this feature helps turn customer insights into sales impact through customer relationship management
  • Marketing- this tool brings customers into focus while drafting marketing strategies
  • Service- the platform helps you reimagine the way you deliver quality customer service
  • Finance- this feature helps you build finance and business operation agility
  • Commerce- this tool helps you make shopping experiences seamless and delight shoppers

12. Paymo

This tool is great for project and task management by tracking work time and billing clients from one platform. With Paymo, you can keep your teams organized and productive. You can also reduce delays and finish projects on budget and on time. Paymo also helps ensure that your team gets paid fairly and on time. Therefore, it increases productivity, decreases project delays, and increases connection rates in various departments and clients. With Paymo, you can switch between features based on your needs and work style.

Some of the top features of the Paymo tool for work management are:

  • Time tracking to ensure better productivity
  • Task management to prevent burnout and track the tasks and accomplishments of workers
  • Collaboration tools to encourage teamwork
  • Team scheduling to track work time
  • Finance tools to promote seamless billing and invoicing

13. TeamGrantt

TeamGrantt is a unique and refreshing take on project planning software. It brings Grantt charts online. You can plan, schedule, and manage complex projects with this tool. You can do this with a free Grantt chart creator. Another great feature of TeamGrantt is that you can invite clients and teams to collaborate on your project plan and Grantt Chart. Additionally, you can switch between grant charts, Kanban board, or calendar views. Making a grant chart online is fast if you use the drag and drop scheduling feature.

Some of the top TeamGrantt features that make work easier are:

  • You can see all projects on one screen
  • The drag and drop element offers the simplicity
  • It allows you to see workloads and team availability
  • It is an easy collaboration and organization tool
  • It allows portfolio views and reports

14. Easy Projects

Easy Projects allows you to gain complete visibility into your projects and business entities. This is achieved through displaying project data in the most suitable format with an unlimited hierarchy to handle complex projects. The easy project also offers visibility into resources. This is achieved by allowing you to manage resource loading and scheduling. Additionally, Easy Projects offers financial visibility. It allows you to plan and track project budgets and costs. This helps you uncover the financial health of every project to make smart data-driven decisions, thanks to the Financial Overview element. In simpler terms, the platform is designed to help leaders increase productivity and success through all-around visibility.

Top features:

  • This platform promotes visibility in agencies
  • It offers project management in all aspects of its lifecycle
  • It is a great tool for resource and financial management
  • You can use its reporting and BI analytics
  • It is a perfect tool for integrations