Automate These 26 Tasks and Have More Time for Things That Matter

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No job is perfect. We all have those tasks that we’d rather postpone to the future unknown. Tedious and repetitive tasks tend to take the best of our time while our creative work suffers from lack of time.

Make your workdays more productive and pleasant by automating boring work tasks with professional services automation tools.

1. Save all email attachments

Finding an attachment from past emails takes a lot of time. Instead, use this IFTTT recipe to have all incoming email attachments automatically saved to your Google Drive folder.

2. Email your tasks to your to-do list

Use the smart inbox feature in Scoro to email any task that comes to mind right to your to-do list in Scoro.

3. Collaborate on shared tasks

Share tasks, assign deadlines, get updates and collaborate on shared projects in real-time. All from inside your Gmail interface. Get the Todoist app to have access to your task list without leaving the Gmail inbox.

4. Automate approval workflows

The more your business grows, the more you need to set up a multilevel approval network or employees and managers. Use a tool like Kissflow to establish a process flow with predefined process steps like “Approve” & “Provide Input” and deadlines for any steps. Keep track of the progress for quick updates.

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5. Ask your team how they’re doing

Use Slack bot Howdy to regularly ask your teammates questions like “What are you working on?” and “How’s your project going?” This knowledge helps to save time during meetings and keeps you updated on everyone’s work.

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6. Use Slack shortcuts

Slack is the ultimate automation tool when it comes to collaboration. To make its use even more efficient, learn some keyboard shortcuts.

slack shortcuts

Meetings & collaboration

Keeping track of all meetings, finding a mutually suitable meeting time and sharing notes with the team can be done half as fast with the right business automation tools.

7. Find mutually suitable meeting times

Exchanging countless emails to find a mutually suitable meeting time with a client is a thing of the past. With scheduling tools such as NeedToMeetCalendly or Scoro’s calendar invites, you can propose multiple meeting times, let others confirm their preferences, and have a mutually suitable time scheduled to your calendars.

8. Have everybody show up on time

To avoid being late to team meetings, set up a Slack notification that reminds all the participants of the upcoming event. Use an IFTTT recipe to add a meeting time to your Google Calendar and send a reminder to a Slack channel 30 minutes before your gathering begins.

9. Share your meeting notes

If you’d like to share the notes from a meeting with all participants, use an IFTTT recipe to email your notes to all those involved while creating a Google Doc. This way, you can collaborate and comment on a shared document instead of a dozen emails. Or use this recipe to create a meeting notes doc to Evernote each time your meeting starts.

IFTTT share notes

10. Escape a bad meeting

Feeling like you’d like to run away from a bad meeting? Fake a phone call with an IFTTT recipe, and you’re free to go.

Business automation for budget management & billing

One of the most boring and tiresome tasks is billing the customers for your services or products. See how to automate invoice creation, reminders, and recurring invoices.

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11. Automate invoice creation

Use time billing software to create PDF templates and compile invoices in a matter of seconds. As you create an invoice in Scoro, the system adds your client data and calculates the payable amount while creating a new invoice. All you have to do is to review the document and click “send” to have the invoice sent to your customer’s inbox.

12. Automate quote creation

Just like you can create invoices based on pre-designed PDF templates with your company’s logos, custom fields, etc. you can also automate quoting. Get a quoting tool to automate a tedious business process and never worry about it again.

13. Bill for the time worked

If you work on an hourly basis, use a time billing tool such as Harvest or Scoro to have customer-related project hours automatically added to the invoice and sent to a specific client. With pre-designed PDF templates, forwarding an invoice is easy as pie.

harvest invoicing automation

14. Automate due payment reminders

Isn’t it tiresome to email and call debtors to receive their payments? Business automation tools like Scoro do the work for you, sending a due payment reminder each time a bill crosses its deadline. As the system has all your invoicing data as well as customer contacts, all you need to do is the initial setup.

15. Automate recurring invoices

If you bill your customers on a monthly basis, you can leave the invoicing entirely to software. Billing software forward invoice to your client without any input from your part and even remind them of due payments.

invoicing with business automation

16. Re-calculate your budget

Every time a customer upgrades, downgrades, or changes a subscription, your budgets are impacted. To have the latest changes automatically calculated into your monthly revenue and project budgets, use a billing tool like Scoro or Zuora.

Business automation in sales

Salespeople’s days are full of meetings and conference calls. Wouldn’t it be great to automate meeting invitations, save email correspondences to an organized system and get a quick overview of the current sales performance?

17. Automatically collect lead data

Every time a customer signs up on your website, they fill in a lead form (name, contact, company, etc.). Use a pipeline management tool to create a new lead automatically and have all the related information attached to their profile.

18. Send email correspondences to CRM system

Searching your inbox to find details from the past conversations with a customer is a waste of time. To find all previous communications faster, add a client’s contacts to your CRM for small business and have all your email correspondences automatically saved to the CRM tool. Look for tools that integrate with Google Mail and Outlook. See more of cool CRM features.

19. Share customer data with the team

Not all team members have access to customer information. To give your entire team access to all your customer data get Slack bot Birdly, and call it in your Slack channels to solve a customer problem in a more collaborative way.

20. Automated sales dashboard

To get a quick overview of your sales performance, use a sales dashboard that displays real-time data. An automated dashboard tool integrates with your CRM system to pull in all the relevant data. Try Klipfolio, ClicData, Qlik and Geckoboard or Scoro business dashboard.

automated dashboard

Business automation in marketing

Let’s tap into marketing and see which marketing tasks you can simplify with the help of business automation.

22. Social media scheduling

To post a link, image or quote throughout the day to a company’s social media channels, marketers can use tools like Hootsuite or Buffer instead. These tools let you schedule as many social media posts as you’d like, so that your social media feed lives on even when you sleep.

22. Automated marketing campaigns

More often than not, salespeople aren’t able to contact all the customers on a personal level. This is where tools like, Sendloop, and Mailchimp come to play. You can create custom email templates and every time you get a new lead; they’ll be sent a personalized (though automated) email.

To add personalization to your automated email campaigns, use merge tags to insert custom tags such as names, company names, etc.

merge tags for automation

23. Behavioral trigger emails

To avoid customer attrition and provide useful information right when your leads need it, set up action-triggered email campaigns. Use tools like SparkPage and Drip to set up a behavioural trigger email campaign.

Did you know that trigger emails have a 152% higher open rate compared with traditional emails as they’re highly targeted and provide interest-based information?

24. Automated digital advertising

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone created your landing pages, social media ads, etc. for you? Needls does just that. All you have to do is to upload images and messages, and the tool will create optimized ads and content for you.

25. Promote events on the perfect schedule

Use Zapier to create a new event in your calendar, or in a meeting app like Meetup, Eventbrite or GoToWebinar, and the tool will automatically share your events on your social networks.

26. Build a list of people who share your content

Use Zapier to save all your brand’s Twitter mentions to a Google spreadsheet to build a list of brand advocates and fans. You’ll end up with a spreadsheet of highly valuable data, including the people who tweet your content.

Want to learn more about effective marketing and automated email campaigns? See the complete guide to lead management hacks.
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