Time to join us

Time is one of our biggest assets in life. At Scoro, we work every day to create and improve a tool that helps people to work efficiently and as a result – have time for everything they desire to do. We lead by example by using our own product and working 4-days a week, at the same time reaching our goals.

With teams based across the UK, US, and Baltics, all Scorers will enjoy the benefits of the new shorter work week, no matter where they are.

No trial, no loss of salary

Some companies have fully implemented a “four-day work week” but are running compressed schedules that make employees’ working days longer. We don’t do this. We are giving Scorers back an extra 40-42 entire days each year, no catch, no trial, and no loss of salary.

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We will be radically transparent about our transition into the 4-day work
week and share our learnings and frameworks with the world.